Essential Guitar Introductory Lesson

First Get Tuned Up!

Don't have a tuner? Tune to Dave's guitar.

Glossary of Musical Terms

Starting at Essential Guitar, Lesson 31, Dave starts using new musical terms that you might not have heard of. Download the Glossary of Musical Terms here.


In this introductory lesson, Dave introduces you to all of the concepts presented in the Essential Guitar Series:

1) Warm up: There will be a new one with every lesson.

2) Reading: Starting with very basic concepts, Dave will teach you how to read music (and why that's important!)

3) Triads: The basic building blocks of all professional guitar playing. This will set you apart from the average guitar player who knows only bar chords.

4) Ear Training: A very important skill that will set you apart from other players and make you an all-round better musician. Dave plays notes and you learn to find them on your guitar using your ear.

5) Lick & Jam: This is the FUN part! Dave teaches you a guitar lick, then gives you a backing track where you can jam out with your new lick. Then add your own ideas, get creative and have some fun! After you're done with the lesson, head over to the Extended Jams Videos where you can jam out for 10 minutes or so without having to hit the replay button!

Lesson Documents: Download

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