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About Dave’s Lesson Programs

Dave Cleveland has been a professional guitar player for over 35 years, recording and touring with numerous artists in Country, Christian, Rock and Pop music. In that time he has recorded over 30,000 songs. In these lesson programs, Dave will teach you the things that he’s learned over his 35 years of professional guitar playing.

If you’re just starting out, we’ve got a program called Play Guitar TODAY, a Quick-Start program where Dave will teach you you the basic chords and scales so that you can start playing guitar or writing songs TODAY.

Then when you’re ready to take your playing to the next level, we have our Essential Guitar program. In this program, Dave will teach you all of the things every Pro guitar player needs to know. These are the things that he uses every day that have made him successful. And now he wants to pass all of that experience on to you so that you can take your playing to the next level. Each weekly lesson in the The Essential Guitar 1 Lesson Program contains a warm-up, triads, reading, ear-training, and a Lick & Jam section where you can put everything together and have some serious fun jamming out!

The lesson programs are not intended to REPLACE your private guitar lessons, but rather as a supplement; they will develop both the physical and mental muscles you will need to be a GREAT guitar player.

The Lessons

Each weekly lesson is a 25 to 30 minute video and contain these sections:


Each lesson will have a unique warm-up exercise that will build finger strength as well as give you a mental workout. Over time these warm-up exercises will help you build the endurance and dexterity to play for long periods of time without getting tired.


Guitar players who play only by ear are a dime a dozen. But the ability to read music will set you apart from the crowd and get you hired!


Triads are one of the most useful tools in a guitar player’s arsenal. Once you have a command of all of the different triad possibilities you’ll be able to create guitar parts on the fly for any situation.


Great guitar technique will only get you so far, but developing your ear is essential to becoming a great musician.

Lick & Jam

This is the fun part. Dave teaches you a lick using the techniques covered in the lesson and then gives you a backing track where you can have some fun jamming out!

Downloadable pdf

Each weekly lesson includes a downloadable pdf file with all of the important information you’ll need for the lesson. The material is notated in traditional music notation as well as guitar tablature.

The Lesson Programs are Just the Beginning

In addition to the Lesson Programs, when you subscribe you also get full access to ALL of Dave’s Extra Guitar Content:

Essential Guitar Extended Jams
Song Deconstruction Techniques
Just Jams – Jam Tracks
Practical Pro Tips

… and tons more fun stuff coming! New content is added regularly.

How It Works

Membership in is a monthly or annual subscription. Subscribe to and for one monthly or annual fee (billed automatically) you get access to ALL of Dave’s video content, including ALL Lesson Programs, Extended Jams, Interviews, Song Deconstructions, Practical Pro Tips, and more. And we are adding new content regularly!

Choose Your Membership Level

Choose either Basic or Premium Membership. The Basic Membership gives you access to ALL of the Lesson Programs and ALL of Dave’s Extra Guitar Content. Choose the Premium Membership and get everything in the Basic Membership PLUS the ability to interact with Dave personally. Ask Dave questions, send your own videos, and get answers to your questions, individualized instruction, and personal coaching, directly from Dave. Learn more about the premium membership. There are no commitments – you may cancel your Membership at any time.

If you’re wondering, “Why should I pay for guitar content on your site when I can get stuff for free on YouTube?Here’s why.

Basic Membership

  • Get immediate access to all Lesson Programs
  • Get immediate access to all of Dave’s Extra Guitar Content
  • No long term commitments. Cancel anytime.

Premium Membership

  • Get immediate access to all Lesson Programs
  • Get immediate access to all of Dave’s Extra Guitar Content
  • No long term commitments. Cancel anytime.
  • Interact directly with Dave and get personalized instruction and coaching.

The Premium Membership

If you are serious about being the best guitar player and all-around musician you can be, The Premium Membership is for you. Each lesson page will have a link on the right side where you can communicate directly with Dave. You can ask Dave questions, receive coaching, even send Dave videos of yourself playing to get feedback on how you are progressing. Dave will respond within 2 to 3 days with answers to your questions, advice, coaching, etc. It’s the next best thing to having Dave as your private instructor!


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