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Beginner Lessons

Beginner Series Part 1: Play Guitar TODAY

If you’re just picking up the guitar for the first time, this short 10-lesson series will have you playing guitar TODAY!

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Beginner Series Part 2: Introduction to Reading Music

If you’ve never read music before, this series will give you an easy-to-understand introduction to the basic concepts of reading music. It’s easier than you think!

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Intermediate Lessons

Essential Guitar 1

In this 41-week series, you will learn all of the practical concepts that every great guitar player needs, and the things that pro players use every day, to take your playing to the next level.

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Essential Guitar 1 Extended Jams

The Lick & Jam sections from the Essential Guitar series, looped so you can jam out for 10 minutes without having to hit the Replay button. After you’ve gone through the corresponding lesson with Dave, come back here and jam out with the extended jam and have some serious fun!

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Dave's Extra Guitar Content

Song Deconstructions - The Art of Recording Guitars

When playing guitar in the studio for records, a guitar player will often need to record several layers of different guitars on the same song. In this series of videos, Dave gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the process of recording guitars in the studio. Each video will focus on one a part of one song. He’ll show you the different guitar sounds he uses, how he gets them, why he uses them, and then he demonstrates how each layer sounds in the song. Then you’ll get to hear the finished product after he has recorded all of the guitar layers.

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Just Jamz - Jam Tracks

Just for fun – here are jam tracks in different styles of music to jam along with. There are no specific licks taught here (like the Licks & Jams), make up your own licks, get creative and have fun! Let us know what kind of music you’d like to jam along with, and we’ll make new jam tracks based on your requests.

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