How often do you get the opportunity to take lessons directly from one of the best guitar players in the world? I had the opportunity to meet Dave and have him play on one of my records back in 2011 and have been completely in awe of him ever since not only as a musician, but also as a person. After taking the past 5 years off from performing, I have found this to be an incredible way not only to get back into playing again, but also to take my playing to a whole new level. These lessons are an invaluable resource to guitar players of all ages and skill levels. Thank you Dave!
Zach T.
Basic Member
Dave, thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed... My love for guitar and worshipping is renewed and strengthened. I’m learning and I love it.
Alexander M.
Basic Member
Totally worth it. Learning guitar from Dave Cleveland is priceless!!! And no, he did not pay me to say this... actually I’m paying him.
Jimmy G.
Premium Member
I've worked with Dave Cleveland many times on sessions for musicals I've helped write, and I've been in awe of his guitar skills. Then I discovered what a gifted teacher he is, and now my admiration has a whole new level. Dave is able to combine his expertise with the ability to teach aspiring players at every level. He has great patience and is so encouraging in the way the best teachers are!
Sue S.
I admired Dave's talent and ability long before I got to know him. There is no song that he can't make better. But even more than that - Dave makes every room that he enters a better place. His desire to serve people inspires every team that he works with. I've loved seeing Dave teach and pass on his vast knowledge of music, guitar skills, and session flow.
Jacob Lowery
Bass Player with Michael McDonald
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